Post-Operative Instructions Sheet

Return Appointment: Please make your post-op appointment now for about two weeks from the date of the surgery. Please call the doctor or his assistant if you have any problems or questions.

Anesthesia: There are always unpredictable reactions from the anesthetic ranging from no complaints to feeling or being tired for several days. You may have a sore throat for the first 24 hours due to the airway that is placed in your throat during the procedure. There may be aches in your shoulders and chest due to the carbon dioxide placed in your abdomen. This is harmless and will disappear in a few days. The pain can be relieved by lying flat in bed.

Diet: As soon as you feel like it you may eat any food or drink in moderation. It is suggested that no alcohol be consumed within 24 hours following the surgery. If you desire you may eat out the day of your surgery.

Activity: You should not drive your automobile for 24 hours. Some patients prefer 203 days of leave form work, however, you may return to work the next day if you are feeling up to it. Women will vary as to when they can resume full activity. Some women have put in a day’s work the day after the surgery while others take a full week until they resume work.

Sexual Intercourse: It is preferable to avoid sexual intercourse for one week.

Pain: For a sore throat, use a standard non-prescription anesthetic throat lozenge or gargle. You may receive a prescription for pain pills. Don’t be afraid to use them. Your pain medication should control any shoulder or chest ache. Notify your doctor of any increase in abdominal pain not controlled by the pain medication.

Wounds: Bruising may occur at the site of the incisions. Usually the stitches are hidden beneath the skin and will dissolve with time. The bandage may be left on for one day, and if steristrips are used they may be left on for one week. You may shower after one day. Do not be afraid to wash the wound with soap or water, however, do not rub. Report any signs of infections such as pus, marked swelling, or redness.

Vaginal Spotting: You may have vaginal spotting for 4-6 weeks. You may have an odor, but if it becomes foul-smelling, or if excessive bleeding occurs contact your doctor. Mini pads are usually more comfortable than Kotex. Do not use tampons for one week.

Notify your Physician if you have any of the following:

  • Increasing abdominal or pelvic pain.
  • Fevers or chills.
  • Shortness of breath.

If problems or questions arise, please call the office at (458) 205-6500.

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