How do patient costs with Day Surgery at RiverBend compare to patient costs with the hospital?

An efficient practice makes a world of difference when it comes to expenses. Because of built-in efficiencies with our facilities and staffing, patients see reduced out-of-pocket expenses compared to having the same procedure performed in a traditional hospital setting.

Is it safe to have surgery outside of the hospital?

Yes. Our surgery center is fully accredited and supported by medical professionals and board-certified anesthesiologists. In addition, we are co-located with the RiverBend hospital, should complications arise.

How is the quality of patient care at Day Surgery at RiverBend?

The Day Surgery at RiverBend team is dedicated to quality patient care. When compared to other surgery centers, we perform better than “best in class” with fewer incidents of hospitalizations and infections.

What kind of care can patients expect from Day Surgery at RiverBend?

We care about the patients who visit Day Surgery at RiverBend. Our attentive and accommodating staff provide patients and thei families personal attention and genuine compassion, making their experience the best possible.

How efficient is the Center in comparison to the hospital?

Our process improves the experience for everyone involved by providing shorter wait time for patients and less down time for surgeons.

How do I schedule a surgery with the Center?

Our staff will work with you and your surgeon to coordinate and schedule a time for surgery. We want to make your experience with us stress-free and comfortable, so we provide as much information as possible before your surgery and assist you with pre-registration.

What kind of follow-up care can be expected from Day Surgery at RiverBend?

Day Surgery at RiverBend works to streamline the follow-up process by obtaining the necessary releases and coordinating records with your physician or specialist. We will contact you post surgery to check on your recovery progress. We also provide follow up appointment information with discharge instructions specific to your surgery.

Will insurance cover procedures performed at an ambulatory surgery center like Day Surgery at RiverBend?

Yes. We work with most insurance companies. To find out if we work with your insurance company, please contact us directly.

What kinds of procedures can be done at Day Surgery at RiverBend?

Day Surgery at RiverBend specializes in general surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopedic, ear, nose and throat surgery, as well as pain management. We also treat patients of all ages and work hard to meet the needs of children by establishing a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment.