Day Surgery at RiverBend is committed to providing the highest-quality surgical care and financial services for our patients and their family members. At Day Surgery, we understand the high costs of healthcare impact our patients financially therefore we work very hard to manage our costs. In addition, we strive to provide our patients with flexible financial services and have developed multiple options with regards to paying for your surgical care.

Insurance Billing

Day Surgery at RiverBend contracts with most local and national insurance carriers including over twenty commercial carriers, Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid, and the Oregon Health Plan. We bill your insurance carrier directly for surgical services provided by Day Surgery at RiverBend. Please make sure to bring your insurance cards with you on the date of service in order for us to obtain a photocopy including your primary insurance card and secondary insurance card if you have secondary coverage.

Workers Compensation and Auto Insurance: We accept worker’s compensation and auto insurance claims. We require you or your surgeon’s office to provide us with carrier information and claim numbers prior to your scheduled date of service as we are unable to provide surgical services prior to claims being accepted and assigned a case number.

Self-Pay: For self-paying patients – we will contact you prior to your scheduled surgery date with the estimated costs for your surgical care. We ask that you pay the estimated costs for your surgical care prior to the date of service or on admission. If you are able to pay the estimated amount in full at the time of service, then you will be eligible for a discount. If you need to make arrangements for extended payments then please see below for extended payment options.

There are a number of separate charges associated with your surgical procedure. You may receive charges from the following:

  • Day Surgery at RiverBend
  • Laboratory/pathology
  • Northwest Anesthesia Physicians P.C.
  • Your Surgeon’s Office

Our Billing Process

If you have health insurance, we will bill your insurance carrier directly. Most insurers will pay us directly for their portion within 30 to 60 days. It remains your responsibility to ensure that your bill is paid in full. If you end up with a balance after your insurance benefit is paid then we require payment in full within 30 days after receipt of your first statement.

If your health insurance plan requires you to pay a deductible, then we ask you to pay that amount or a portion of your deductible prior to your scheduled surgery. Our billing office will call to make arrangements.

If your health insurance plan requires a co-payment, we require you to pay this fee at the time of service.

Extended Payment Options

We understand that many of our patients may want to spread their payments out over an extended period of time to reduce the impact of their medical bill and we are happy to offer this as an option. Upon request, we will extend the billing period for up to 120 days without interest.

You can contact our billing department at 541-852-4830 and ask to speak with our Patient Account Representative, and we can help you with this process.

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