Carpal Tunnel Release & Trigger Finger Release Post-Op

Following your surgery, you will be aware that your hand and wrist feel different. You have had surgery very close to a nerve in your hand and a local anesthesia has been injected. This feeling should normalize over several days.

Post Operative Instructions:

  • You will have a soft dressing on and you are encouraged to move your fingers and wrist to use your hand for activities. When not using your hand for light activity, keep it elevated rather than dependent at your side.
  • Leave dressing intact for 5 days, covering and keeping it dry.
  • Remove dressing in 5 days and you may get it wet in the shower, but do not scrub aggressively or submerge in water.Dry well and apply a square path to bandage to cover the wound. No additional dressing is necessary.
  • Continue light use of hand until seen in the office.

At your first post-operative office visit, we will discuss hand and wrist exercises, physical therapy, operative findings, appropriate strengthening and follow-up care. This visit is usually scheduled 7-14 days after surgery. If you cannot keep this appointment, please call to reschedule.

If you notice excessive swelling of your fingers, loosen your ace wrap and elevate your arm ABOVE YOUR HEART using pillows or other support. If you do not see gradual improvement, please call our office for further instruction.

Should any other question or concerns arise, please call the office.

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