Before surgery: We want your child to feel comfortable and safe at Day Surgery at RiverBend. Please bring a familiar toy and/or blanket, book, etc.

The nursing staff will explain to you and your child what will happen during your time here. You will also have an opportunity to speak with the nurse assigned to your child in the operating room (OR), the anesthesiologist and the surgeon. We’re here to answer your questions. Please take this time to ask any questions you may have.

Your child may be given medication before surgery depending on their needs. If they do receive medication we will ask you to hold your child or they must remain on a stretcher with side rails up for safety. The nursing staff assigned to your child in the OR will accompany your child to the OR. Depending on the child’s needs they may be carried or ride on a stretcher. One parent or legal guardian will be allowed to accompany the child to the OR and remain until the child is asleep from the anesthesia.

During surgery: You will be escorted to our reception waiting area by a member of our nursing staff. Please ask our reception staff if you need anything.

One parent or guardian must stay in the center at all times.

After Surgery: The doctor will come to see you immediately after surgery. Your child will go to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. The time it takes for each child to recover from anesthesia varies. A nurse will stay with your child at all times.

The nurse will take you to your child as soon as they recover from anesthesia.

What to expect: After surgery, your child will seem sleepy, restless, irritable or confused. Your child will receive medicine to ease discomfort as directed by your anesthesiologist. You are the best judge of your child’s comfort level. Please discuss your child’s care with our nurses – we are here to guide you.

Before your child goes home: While in the final stages of recovery, we will be asking your child to drink liquids so that we’re sure he/she is willing to drink for you at home.
Your Post Anesthesia Care Nurse will evaluate your child’s recovery based on information from your anesthesiologist. The nurse will review your doctor’s discharge care plan and you’ll receive discharge instructions and any prescriptions your child might need. Please take this time to ask any questions you may have.

Arrangements for a ride home should be made before surgery. Your child will be released only to the parent/guardian who brings the child to the facility. Please call us at 541-852-4800 with any questions.

For your child’s comfort on the ride home, please have a blanket, a towel and a car or booster seat (if required).